Meet the Artists

Nicole Palazuelos: Face Painter, Body Artist, Temporary Tattoo Artist, Henna Artist, Muralist & Mrs. Claus

   Hello, I am Nicole!                       

In the year 2000, I started painting faces for fun.  I am very crafty and have always loved painting anything that would present itself in front of my brush; from rocks, to walls, to paper, to fabric, to furniture, to houses, to balloons, to pumpkins and finally to faces/arms/legs/backs, etc.  I also love painting on canvas, murals and ceramics, etc.

It wasn't until I volunteered to paint faces for my Daughter's preschool open house  that I realized how much of a pleasure it was!  The children are always so excited and happy to have their faces painted! They are so entertaining too!  They always chat me up and they really like that I can paint just about anything and that I take the time to listen to them.  They often express an interest in art and I encourage those aspiring artists when I can. I tell them that at first all they need is courage, and their talent will develop with lots of patience, practice, and hard work.  I painted faces at the occasional birthday party and expanded my client base mostly by word of mouth and repeat business. In 2008 when I was laid off from my career of over 20 years as an insurance claims adjuster, I decided to make a go of doing this for a living.  I do birthday parties, company picnics, fundraisers, community events, weddings, open houses,  parties for businesses, sleepovers, winery events-Bar Mitzvahs,  Bat Mitzvahs, festivals, school events, church events, etc.   It is wonderful doing what you love. Plus this lets me stay home and be with my children, which for me, is the most important thing of all.  With such beautiful canvasses (faces), how can my artwork not be a masterpiece?   

Please let me come to your party and paint your canvasses!!  You will not be disappointed!   I am also fluent in French and Spanish and fully insured, using only the safest of products!

All the other photos all over this site are of my work over the years, some are older -some are newer.  It has been fun watching the evolution of my art!