Henna and Jagua Temporary Tattoos

Henna and Jagua -are ancient forms of body art.   They are both from natural plants that when applied to the skin in the form of a paste, will stain the skin for 1-3 weeks.  The temporary tattoos is difficult to remove but will fade over time as your skin naturally exfoliates. Moisturizing your skin keeps your tattoo lasting longer.  It is not suggested for children under 10.  Henna leaves a brown stain on the skin and Jagua leaves a dark blue almost faded black looking tattoo.  Henna takes about 30 minutes to dry and you want to leave the dried paste on as long as possible to get the best stain.  Then  you flake it off and try not to get it wet much for 24 hours.  It will be its darkest after about 48 hours.  Jagua takes longer to dry, about an hour and you only need to keep it on about 1-2 hours then it can be washed off. It too will darken after a day or two.  Both have wet designs that need to be guarded so you don't smudge your design.  Teenagers love these "tattoos".  Glitter can be applied to the wet mud but comes off when you remove it. 



no jagua photos yet.... just google search jagua images for examples